How To: Ram Race

I made this video yesterday for brewfest.

Here is the optimal route for both the Alliance and the Horde, with the apple barrels marked. Despite minor changes to the positioning this year, Horde still have the other end of the stick when it comes to maximizing token gain. However it should be simple enough to get tokens for everything you want so it’s not a game breaking concern.

UPDATE: It turns out you can just jump over the barrels. The removal of fatigue isn’t detected through collision, so jumping over them will reduce chance of getting stuck in an apple barrel, and will improve your time as a result.

Also it turns out I helped a guild member through the video, he didn’t know about the apple barrels at all. I’m really glad to get feedback like this.

UPDATE (2): I managed 18 laps now, probably room for one more. I’ve changed my route slightly, and ignored barrel 3 on the return trip and just make a beeline over the hill to barrel 2. Fastest lap was around 40 seconds.

UPDATE (3): How To: Ram Racing v2.0!


Hi, my name is Beniffer. Despite the name of the this blog, Lurky has not yet evolved into a species self-aware enough to be capable of documenting their own life, which limits his posting. However as his caring master I will be documenting his, and subsequently my own, life on Azeroth.

While I continue playing this game, my mind wonders why I play. World of Warcraft is nearing it’s fifth anniversary and I ask myself, “What is it about this game that keeps me hooked?” Every so often I hope I get ideas to jot down into the blog. After all, if I’m wasting time playing videogames I might as well try to develop my analytical mind while I’m at it.

Of course this blog will feature mostly things I’ll be doing ingame, and not random viral videos that are funny or whatever horrible misconceptions that come with the word “blog”. I like the term “programmer’s blog”.

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