"Realm 2nd Best Shadowpriest"

In terms of gearscore at least! Illustration of the Dragon Soul is holding me back on that score. Blizzard are terrible when it comes to trinkets. Shadow priesting isn’t particularly difficult, I’m planning on making a video that explains both my UI and my rotation. I think Korallon is a nice boss for it.

Lurky has a friend now.

About Investing

Whenever I spend money on things that aren’t for personal use, I call it an investment. This helps make me feel less guilty spending 3k on something, since I know I’ll make it back. Today I invested in two Tankard O’ Terrors, 900g and 950g respectively. I predict I’ll make 1.5k from them after Brewfest, and if I don’t then hey – two new gimmick items for my Priest and Paladin.

Runescrolls of Fortitude haven’t sold at all at 9g each, so I’m taking a new strategy and listing them for 5-6g each. I’m also alternating batches of five and singles, and I guess the M&S haven’t found out about them so I guess I’ll advertise in trade as well. I hope I get rid of them, I have lots of Snowfall Ink to use up.

Other deals of the day: 6g and under stacks of Frostweave; 10g stack of Saronite Ore; 13g Eternal Life. Our server’s market is fucked at the moment, no Adder’s Tongue nor Goldclover up at all, and the other herbs have some serious markup.

Guild Politics

A hilarious post by Gevlon on his philosophies on Guild Politics. He makes a very strong argument for a dictator-style leadership in guilds, and I’m very inclined to agree with him on the most part. However Tumbleweed is a casual, social guild – in the eyes of Gevlon we are useless compared to the hardcore raiding ones. Although on paper we should be slower at progression, we managed to get the realm first Twin Val’kyrs and Anub’arak down on 10 man heroic. So – there are always exceptions. We run with a council style of leadership and it works out for us.

In the comments to that post, Armond writes:

I cannot think of a single time I found a working democracy with more than 15-ish people. I also cannot remember the last time I saw a vote that was useful for deciding something important and not just e.g. the background theme for a forum.

A point I agree upon. Even in the case for what music I should use in my boss kill movies, Tumbleweed can rarely come up with a sensible conclusion. In the end, someone has to decide on something, all we can do is hope it is for the good of all of us.

Video: Onyxia

I don’t think anyone had too much of a problem with Onyxia. It was never a hard fight to begin with, other than getting 39 other people to comprehend and move around. It has had some minor updates to make it work and feel in touch with the feeling of a WotLK instance – I especially liked Blizzard’s cheek of retaining the Rugged Leather from skinning the trash mobs, you just get more of it now.

Last night as we heard of the upcoming 3.2.2 patch we did one last retro raid, one where I help a guildmate get his lvl 60 Onyxia achievement and also a random lvl 60 rogue, another where I join my old guild, Goon Squad Sporeggar. It was a fun and relaxing night.

Sometimes you just can’t get enough Onyxia.

PDP Part 2

The results as the day ends. In total, when combined with the earlier snapshot, it gives me a total of 3297g. As of now I am undercut on most of my auctions and the glyphs didn’t sell as fast as I expected, but I’ll just keep dropping off the rest of my stock slowly across the week.

Runescrolls are very easy to make, most scribes have a huge stock of snowfall ink. I roughly calculate it to be around 20g for cost of making 5 of them, and right now the market price is at over 9g each. I will probably use up my ink on this rather than darkmoon cards, I suspect it’ll be rather popular.

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