Feb 28th 4.1 Update

Another day, another PTR update. The latest one brings about some interesting changes, such as Death Knights getting their battle resurrection whilst Warlocks still rely on the power of Nostradamus (Why did I never name my warlock this?) to use theirs. I don’t really have a problem with Death Knights getting that functionality since anything that breaks Druid’s last powerful monopoly is great, and it piggybacks on an existing skill, so it’s not too far out of the blue.

For priests, shadow in particular, the only notable change is the fact we don’t have to recast Inner Fire/Focus since like Vampiric Embrace it is more like a toggle now. It’s strange that they just didn’t include it with 4.0.6, but at least they are doing it.

A slightly controversial change is the reduction in gold for soloing old raid bosses, obviously done to deter people from using up valuable instance space or encouraging them to be more social. I don’t believe inflation to be the primary reason since they already materialise gold as a guild perk and Random LFD rewards much more when we compare time spent.

I am one of those players who doesn’t really play WoW much outside the guild raiding, and I assume Blizzard is wanting more of those people either by forcibly segregating content so you can’t do both 10 and 25 full runs or removing incentives from farming solo raid content. But its beginning to feel a bit like Vanilla in that there isn’t a lot of things to do when you’re not raiding. Archeology might as well be another reputation grind in how meaningless and boring it is. However unlike Vanilla we are starting to get competition from MMOs that actually somewhat decent and reaching on WoW’s level. Rift was a game I felt would be a game I would be playing if I didn’t play WoW already, and the only thing stopping me from doing so is my guild. I’m sure many others have the same feeling.

Will 4.1 be able to keep the attention of those who aren’t in a raiding guild? The hints of a mount grind in ZG/ZA seem like Blizzard are attempting to try and do so. But luckily with the focus of Firelands in progression raiding we might begin to see more raiding PUGs for current dungeons, much like towards the end of Wrath when 25man Trial of the Crusader was still being ran.