Preliminary 4.1 Patch Notes

The very first inkling of 4.1 details have just been released on MMOChamp, and with it we can build up what to expect in terms of progression of the story as a whole. Mathies has written a decent speculative post on what might happen, and in a way it could be plausible.

I’m not a big fan of dailies, especially on a PVP server where the Horde greatly outnumber Alliance, but I enjoyed the Sunwell dailies and how it was done. As for rehashing the troll instances, I think it was a long time coming, given the lack of Gun’drak in Wrath and the lack scope to create a new troll instance in the new Cataclysm areas. The ability to grab another raptor or tiger mount is a bonus for some people, but I noticed in the MMOChamp patch notes that the awesome bear mount model was missing! Surely not, Blizz?!

Oh yes, and the small matter of the new caster legendary. But without any more details to go on it is hard to be excited. Anyway, the priest changes weren’t all that great:


  • Absolution (Mastery) *New* – Enables your Dispel Magic spell to be cast on friendly targets to remove 2 harmful magical effects.
  • Dispel Magic can now only be casted on yourself to remove harmful effects, and now only removes 1 beneficial spell from enemies, down from 2.
  • Power Word: Shield now costs 34% of base mana, up from 25%. Now lasts 15 sec, down from 30 sec.
  • Divine Aegis now lasts 15 sec, up from 12 sec.


  • Body and Soul now increases the target’s movement speed by 12/25%, down from 30/60%.


  • Shadow Power now increases Spell damage by 15%, down from 25%.

I’m pretty apathetic towards the dispel and shield changes, mainly since I rarely PVP as shadow and shield kinda sucks anyway. It’s not nice to lose any utility but given some of the other changes I feel like we got off fairly lightly, but as always it is still too early to tell. However as a Holy offspec however I don’t like the change to B&S at all. Running at 25% more speed for 4 seconds is hardly worth it at all. Thankfully for all the haters 4.1 is still some ways away, possibly 4-5 months even.

EDIT: Boubouille updated with some new items! Highlights include some trinkets from the new tier and Rare and Epic BoA Guild Tabards, which boost guild rep gains by 50/100%. That’s pretty insane. It also seems like theres a bunch of stuff for the card game:

Fool’s Gold – Consumable so probably TCG common
War Party Hitching Post – Consumable so probably TCG common
Landro’s Lichling – Likely TCG Uncommon
Savage Raptor – Has a iLevel of 20 so probably TCG rare